Is AEI Accredited Institution?


Yes it is an accredited institution

Ashley’s Events Institute (AEI) is a premier college that helps students discover their passion through hands-on training in various Events-related, hospitality, and other technical courses. Recognized and accredited by Event Planners Alliance(AIE) and NITA to offer coursework and examination in Event Management and Hospitality courses.

Our accreditation has given us the capacity to meet standards for our technical education in Kenya and beyond. This has in turn improved our enrollment rate because we have been able to win the trust of students and parents in the community we serve.

All the students who have studied at Ashley’s Events Institute come out with knowledge and experience that have enabled employers to determine  their credibility and have been able to be employed in various establishments 

Our accreditations and certification have also been used by many graduates to seek further certifications and examinations in other institutions and facilities.

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Author: aei